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Eco Committee

Our Eco-Committee


In order to support our community and the environment, we appoint two eco-warriors from each year group, who meet to discuss innovative ideas and monitor how we, as a school are doing all we can to make a difference.


With support from the John Bett’s Community, one of our commitments as a school is to reduce the amount of plastic we use by supporting the ‘No Straw’ campaign. We have also made the decision to only use biodegradable glitter in our school, and are always looking for other ways to reduce our impact on the environment.


Our Eco Code

Blue Dot Generation Trip


The Eco Committee were invited to attend an exciting exhibition and workshop run by Blue Dot Generation at The House of Vans aimed at educating children on the damage we are doing to the oceans.


As they went through the underwater tunnel where the exhibition began, the children were amazed from start to finish at the wonderful pieces of artwork that were on display. They even managed to participate in some ocean yoga!



House of Vans

The children were so inspired from their visit, that they set up an Art project across the school where children in each year group had the opportunity to create a piece of artwork that portrayed what plastic is doing to our oceans. We held an exhibition of all the amazing artwork in the hall and parents were welcome to have a look. 

Whole School Project - Raising awareness through Art


It's SCORCHIO - don't forget to apply sun cream and don a hat