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Teaching and Learning


At John Betts, we believe that a commitment to values and developing compassionate citizens of the future drives the achievement of our children.


We choose to focus on learning rather than performance, which in turn improves performance organically.


Our approach to learning encourages the children to make their own goals and discuss the process of their learning with others through evaluation and support.


By empowering our children to be the experts, collaborative feedback is embedded practice at John Betts - enabling them to be critical thinkers. Our aim is to support the children to make more progress by facilitating them to be actively involved in their own learning and evaluation.


An excellent teacher provides a learning environment which allows all learners to grow; an excellent learner will have a variety of learning skills, strategies and knowledge and know when and how to apply these.


If you require further information on the curriculum than is available on the website please contact the school office.



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