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RSE Consultation


1. The Legal Requirements

2. Our Beliefs and Policy

3. Our Curriculum

4. Relationships and Sex Education within Our Curriculum


6. Your Opinion

7. Contacts


As you may be aware, the Department for Education has announced changes to Relationships and Sex Education after a nationwide consultation. These changes came into effect from September 2020 and all schools are required to comply with the updated requirements. Due to COVID-19, schools have been able to delay these amendments until this term. The statutory guidance can be found here


To sum it up:

  • Primary Schools must teach Health Education, including changes to the human body during puberty
  • Primary Schools must teach Relationships Education, including what constitutes a healthy relationship and how to keep themselves safe
  • Primary schools are advised (this is not statutory) to teach Sex Education in an appropriate way for the needs of their children considering:

- Age;

- Physical and emotional maturity;

- Religious and cultural backgrounds;

- Special educational needs and disabilities.


For a DfE parent leaflet on understanding the statutory requirements please click here.



At John Betts Primary School we have been reviewing our PSHE (Personal, Social & Health education) to ensure it meets our children's needs. We have included the statutory requirements for Relationships and Sex Education within our policy and curriculum for PSHE.


Our updated policy can be downloaded here.


It is our belief that our pupils should be equipped with the knowledge, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive, and fulfilled lives, both now and in the future. We believe that children should gradually gain this knowledge through a progressive and spiral curriculum that starts with our youngest children.



At John Betts Primary School we have chosen to follow a PSHE curriculum called Jigsaw.


Jigsaw 3 – 11 offers a comprehensive Programme for Primary PSHE including statutory Relationships and Health Education, in a spiral, progressive and fully planned scheme of work, giving children relevant learning experiences to help them navigate their world and to develop positive relationships with themselves and others.

With strong emphasis on emotional literacy, building resilience and nurturing mental and physical health, Jigsaw 3-11 properly equips schools to deliver engaging and relevant PSHE within whole school approach. Jigsaw lessons also include mindfulness allowing children to advance their emotional awareness, concentration and focus.


Our staff have been trained to deliver this curriculum through a weekly lesson. Each half term, the focus is the same for the whole school and pupils will reflect on their own thoughts, experiences and emotions.

For more information about Jigsaw Curriculum, please click here



Using the Jigsaw curriculum ensures that what we teach in Relationships and Sex Education meets the statutory requirements. It also means that our teachers can be confident that what they teach is consistently applied across the school. Thousands of schools around the world use the Jigsaw curriculum.


A leaflet explaining what we teach in Relationships and Sex Education can be found here.


A summary of What We Teach:

Relationships Education:

  1. Families and people who care for me
  2. Caring Friendships
  3. Respectful Relationships
  4. Online Relationships
  5. Being safe

Health Education:

  1. Mental wellbeing
  2. Internet safety and harms
  3. Physical health and fitness
  4. Healthy Eating
  5. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco
  6. Health and prevention
  7. Basic first aid
  8. Changing Adolescent Body, including:
  • Ages 3 – 5 Growing up: how we have changed since we were babies
  • Ages 5 – 6 Boys and girls bodies; correct names for body  parts
  • Ages 6 – 7 Boys and girls bodies; body parts and respecting privacy (which parts of the body are private and why this is)
  • Ages 7 – 8 How babies grown and how boys’ and girls’ bodies change as they grow older. Introduction to puberty and menstruation
  • Ages 8 – 9 Internal and external reproductive body parts. Recap about puberty and menstruation. *Conception explained in simple terms
  • Ages 9 – 10  Puberty for boys and girls in more detail including the social and emotional aspects of becoming an adolescent. *Conception explained in simple biological terms
  • Ages 10 – 11 Puberty for boys and girls revisited. *Understanding conception to the birth of a baby. Becoming a teenager.

Sex Education:

  1. Human Reproduction (see statements starred above)

Your Right to Withdraw Your Child From Sex Education:

“Parents have the right to request that their children be withdrawn from some or all of sex education delivered as part of statutory Relationships and Sex Education” DfE Guidance p.17


At John Betts Primary School, puberty is taught as a statutory requirement of Health Education and covered by our Jigsaw PSHE Programme in the ‘Changing Me’ Puzzle (unit). We conclude that sex education refers to Human Reproduction, and therefore inform parents of their right to request their child be withdrawn from PSHE lesson that explicitly teach this i.e. the Jigsaw Changing Me Puzzle (unit) e.g.

Year 4, Lesson 2 (Having a baby)

Year 5, Lesson 4 (Conception)

Year 6, Lesson 4 (Conception, birth)


The school will inform parents of this right by letter from the class teacher in the weeks before the unit begins. Parents may request to see specific lesson plans and resources before exercising their right to withdraw their child.



At John Betts Primary School, we value and respect ALL people.


The Jigsaw curriculum for PSHE emphasises acceptance of all children and families. It does not ‘promote’ LGBTQ ‘lifestyles’ but it does explain that some people in society are LGBTQ.


Further details about what is and isn’t taught can be found here.


Whilst we recognise that there will be differences of opinion, we would like to consult you in order to come to a consensus about how and when curriculum content is covered. We would like to know the best way to share our curriculum with you and your thoughts on the resources that we will use.


However, what is taught and how, is ultimately the decision for the school and consultation does not provide a parental veto on curriculum content as schools are legally required to teach the National Curriculum.


Please complete this questionnaire to give us your opinion by Monday 5th July 2021 (you will not be able to access this form after this date)


The findings of this consultation will be shared with you by letter in September 2021.



If you would like to speak to a member of the leadership team, please contact the following members of staff by email in the first instance:


Miss Jessica Mair, Headteacher,

Mr Theo Adams, Assistant Headteacher,


School tours every Tuesday, please contact the office to book your slot 020 8748 2465 or