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Eco Committee

Eco-Committee Assembly

Wednesday 9th November 2022

Our Eco-Committee meets every Wednesday at lunchtime to discuss how to increase our classmates' environmental awareness and improve the eco-efficiency of the whole school. One of our earliest suggestions has been to use Ecosia as a search engine: Ecosia pledges to use the profit that they make from our searches to plant trees where they are needed most.


Eco- Committee (Year 2019-20)

The Eco-Committee was formed in 2019-2020 in order to take the lead on our pupils' passion for saving the environment. Each Eco-Committee member was democratically elected to represent the views and opinions of their class.  This committee is led by two of our parent members.


The Eco-Committee has an important job to do...

The Eco-Committee is responsible for carrying out the initial and subsequent Environmental Reviews and for preparing an Action Plan for the whole school to engage in.


Our Eco-Committee meets regularly to discuss environmental action for the school.  Minutes are recorded showing the results of group discussion and action to be taken. These are then shared with the SLT and wider community.  Eco-Committee representatives have fed back through assemblies, class updates and via their noticeboard.


Key Actions from 2019-2020...

14 pupils from Reception to Year 6 were elected to the Committee.

During Autumn to Spring, the Eco-Committee commenced undertaking a school wide environmental review via 


On 14th February 2020, the Committee also organised a school-wide lunchtime march to Lyric Square under the banner of 'We LOVE our planet.'  The children reported that their friends enjoyed the event, including the songs, encouraging cheers from people on the street and car horn beeps from passing motorists, etc. We also congratulated them on their letters, and told them that Ms Mair had received several complimentary emails about the children’s good behavior and positive spirit.

"We LOVE our Planet"