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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Year 4 builds on the progress accomplished in Year 3. Through continuing to explore our wide curriculum, we will progress our skills in reading, writing and maths. We will enrich our learning through our creative cross-curricular topics and a range of stimulating trips. The children will be learning new knowledge in each subject, as well as preparing for the multiplication check, which takes place in June. Year 4 also includes our first time swimming at school - we will participate in swimming lessons once a week for the next two years. 

Year 4 Timetables (subject to change)

Year 4 Trips and Photo Updates

We had a fascinating and inspiring trip to the Design Museum where, through our workshop, we got to handle and investigate some of the Museum's objects. We thought about what the object might be for, what it was made out of, who might have made it and who it was designed for. Through this workshop and our trip round the permanent collections we learnt that Design is about problem solving. Throughout the day we had opportunities to design our own objects or spaces that solved problems such as, designing a new feature to make bicycles safer in the city. Many of use also designed the classroom of the future or our own family logo. 

Autumn Highlights

Year 4 Trip to The Design Museum

We really enjoyed visiting Benjamin Franklin House today and learn about some of the incredible things that he did. Everyone loved having the chance to walk through the house that he lived in while in London and discuss some of the amazing experiments that he undertook in his discovery of electricity. 

Benjamin Franklin House Class Trip

Indian Culture Day


School tours have now finished and will operate again throughout the autumn term in the next academic year 2024/2025 every Wednesday from 09.30-10.30. In September, please call the school on 02087482465 to book your place.