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Year 4

Picture 1 Mrs Nash - Class Teacher

Welcome to Year 4!



Year 4 is an exciting year full of risk taking in our learning and developing independence across all areas. We apply a growth mindset to everything that we do and have an active role in leading our learning. Collaborative work is a huge part of our daily life, where we not only work together but challenge each other’s ideas and use peer feedback as a constructive source to help us improve.


A wealth of varied and thought-provoking topics throughout the curriculum ensure that the year is inspiring and stimulating. We are provided with opportunities to deepen our understanding of concepts through challenging and investigating ideas, and further develop our communication skills through discussion and questioning. As we move further up into Key Stage 2, our maturity grows as we prepare to take on greater responsibilities as members of our school community.

Picture 1
Please click here to read the Year 4 2019-20 welcome letter.

The River Thames

The River Thames 1
The River Thames 2
The River Thames 3

To link with our topic 'River Deep, Mountain High', we visited the River Thames with UrbanWise London. We explored some of the features of the river - both human (wharves, bridges and piers) and physical (tides, the foreshore and the animals). It may have been freezing but we had a great time!

The Mandir

The Mandir  1
As part of our RE topic studying Hinduism, we visited the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasden. We took our sketchbooks and looked at some of the incredible detail in the intricate marble carvings before developing our knowledge of the religion at the 'Understanding Hinduism' exhibition.