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Welcome to Reception Class!


Reception is a unique and exciting time as we embark on the transition to school and begin a lifelong learning journey in partnership with parents and carers. Through developing a secure relationship with our teachers and each other, we become confident independent learners who feel happy and safe at school, and develop a real love of learning.


A variety of practical, hands-on and playful learning experiences aim to spark our curious minds and promote critical thinking and open-ended exploration of concepts and themes. Using high-quality children’s literature as our starting point, we are introduced to the magical world of reading and writing through structured phonics teaching. We are encouraged to explore mathematical concepts through practical activities, role-play and discussion of our everyday lives. In collaboration with our teachers, we are equipped with the necessary skills to progress towards the more structured academic challenges of Year 1 and beyond.


Interested in a place at John Betts? We may have a couple of places available - give us a call