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Year 3

Picture 1 Miss Goodwin - Class Teacher

Welcome to Year 3!


In Year 3 we continue our journey through the school and transition into Key Stage 2. We are guided to enable us to grow in maturity and encouraged to take on the role of kind, integral members of our school community. We begin to show more responsibility for our learning and organisation and are provided with a range of opportunities to challenge ourselves.


Through continuing to explore our wide curriculum, we progress our skills in reading, writing and maths as well as enriching our learning through our creative cross-curricular topics and a range of exciting excursions. Year 3 also includes our first residential trip to Woodrow High House; we spend two nights away from home experiencing the application of a range of skills including team-building and problem solving. In addition to this we participate in swimming lessons once a week for the next two years. 

Please click here to read the Year 3 2019-20 welcome letter.

World Book Day!

World Book Day! 1

River Thames Walk

River Thames Walk 1
River Thames Walk 2
River Thames Walk 3
River Thames Walk 4
For Geography and Science this term we have been learning all about the water cycle and rivers. To support this learning we visited the River Thames with UrbanWise London. We stopped at different points along the river and explored some of the features - both human (wharves, bridges and piers) and physical (tides, the foreshore and the animals). Unfortunately, we also noticed that there was a lot of rubbish in the river, most of which was plastic! This made us think about how much plastic we use and how bad it is for the wildlife. 

Class Assembly: Journey of a Water Drop!

Class Assembly: Journey of a Water Drop! 1
For our class assembly we used our Scientific knowledge of the water cycle and changing states to share the journey of a water drop. We started off as water drops in the bathtub and soon travelled through the plug and down a dark tunnel into the ocean. When we got to the ocean we noticed that there weren't just sea creatures down there - the place was filled with rubbish! How awful! Soon enough the sun came out and we turned into water vapour - this process is called evaporation. As the we floated higher, it started to cool down so we decided to condense back into water and join a cloud. This is called condensation. After that, we grew very heavy and fell down from the clouds in the form of snow. When rain or snow falls from the clouds it is called precipitation. Finally, we melted back into water and travelled down a river back to the ocean. What a journey!

Woodrow High House

Woodrow High House  1
Woodrow High House  2
Woodrow High House  3
Woodrow High House  4
Woodrow High House  5
Woodrow High House  6
Woodrow High House  7
Woodrow High House  8
Woodrow High House  9
Woodrow High House  10
Woodrow High House  11
Woodrow High House  12
Woodrow High House  13
Woodrow High House  14
Woodrow High House  15
Woodrow High House  16
Woodrow High House  17
Woodrow High House  18
Woodrow High House  19
Woodrow High House  20
Woodrow High House  21
Woodrow High House  22
Woodrow High House  23
Woodrow High House  24