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At John Betts, we aim to promote healthy, independent and caring members of society. We encourage all of our pupils to play a positive role in contributing to school life as well as the wider community. This is achieved through motivating children to become involved in our school council, eco-committee and to take part in fundraising events. Our pupils are given opportunities in PSHE lessons and assemblies to gain an understanding of the world they grow up in and learn how to live alongside and show respect for a diverse range of people.

We teach PSHE following the mindful approach programme, Jigsaw. This brings together PSHE Education, emotional literacy, mindfulness, social skills and spiritual development. Jigsaw is designed as a whole school approach, with all year groups working on the same theme (Puzzle character) at the same time. The key concepts that children learn in PSHE are inner strength, self-esteem and resilience. These are really important as they keep children safe and it helps them make healthy decisions later in life.


The Jigsaw Approach is underpinned by mindfulness. Mindfulness is being able to observe your own thoughts and feelings as they happen, in the present moment, applying no judgement. Jigsaw teaches children to understand their thoughts and feelings and through both taught lessons and the Calm Me time exercises (using the Jigsaw chime). These help to develop their awareness and their capacity to be mindful human beings. Learning is enhanced as emotions are regulated, behaviour managed and calmness generated.


An important part of the PSHE curriculum is RSE, which is compulsory for all primary schools. During these sessions, your child learns about puberty and human reproduction appropriate to their age and stage of development. 

RSE policy


School tours have now finished and will operate again throughout the autumn term in the next academic year 2024/2025 every Wednesday from 09.30-10.30. In September, please call the school on 02087482465 to book your place.