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Meet Us

Senior Leadership
Picture 1 Jessica Mair: Headteacher, DSL
Picture 2 Louise Hoyle: Head of Inclusion, Deputy DSL
Picture 3 Laura Lowndes: Head of Teaching and Learning
Core Curriculum Subject Leaders
Picture 1 Eloise Carey - English
Picture 2 Emma Harrison - Maths
Picture 3 Zoe Argus - Science
Reception Class
Picture 1 Emily Armstrong: Class Teacher,
Picture 2 Amal Abdullahi: Teaching Assistant
Year 1
Picture 1 Kitty Rowan-Hamilton: Class Teacher
Picture 2 Evelyn Cook: Teaching Assistant
Year 2
Picture 1 Abigail Bass: Class Teacher, Humanities/RE Co-ord
Picture 2 Sarah Kennedy: Learning Support Assistant
Year 3
Picture 1 Zoe Argus: Class Teacher, Science, Art, SLT
Picture 2 Laila Lusung: Learning Support Assistant
Year 4
Picture 1 Eloise Carey: Class Teacher, English, SLT
Picture 2 Mary Watson: Teaching Assistant
Year 5
Picture 1 Ingrid Bystrom: Class Teacher
Picture 2 Emma Condon: Learning Support Assistant
Year 6E
Picture 1 Emma Harrison:Class Teacher, Maths, Computing, SLT
Picture 2 Natalie Baker: Learning Support Assistant
Year 6S
Picture 1 Sarah Hamblin: Class Teacher, P.E.
Picture 2 Elizabeth Cubbon: Teaching Assistant
Picture 3 Gemma Nathan: Teaching Assistant
Wellbeing Team
Picture 1 Sarah Foster - Nurture Lead
Picture 2 Rachael Butler - Dramatherapist
Admin Team
Picture 1 Lynne Amor - School Business Manager, SLT
Picture 2 Roxanne Wilson - Administrative Assistant
Site Management
Picture 1 Matthew Dubbelde - Site Manager
Kitchen Team
Picture 1 Theresa Griffiths - Chef
Picture 2 Ruben Videna - Kitchen Assistant
Picture 3 Yvette Sylvan - Kitchen Assistant
Mid-Days Meals Team
Picture 1 Donna Davis - Mid-Day Meals Supervisor
Picture 2 Pauline Francis - Mid-Day Meals Supervisor
Picture 3 Bernadette Hobbs - Mid-Day Meals Supervisor
Picture 4 Ekaterina Oganezova - Mid-Day Meals Supervisor
Picture 5 Annick Ramel - Mid-Day Meals Supervisor